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We’ve rated, on a scale of 1 – 5, each title in three categories: Action, Empowerment and Visibility:

• The action rating denotes the quality of action shot with …. BadAss women;
• The empowerment rating is Artemis’ opinion regarding the empowering messages contained within the film;
• The visibility rating conveys Artemis’ opinion regarding the literal visibility – how much time female characters are onscreen.
• Videos in the Self Empowerment category will show ‘Inapplicable’ for the Action and Visibility ratings above.

We felt it was important to include our thoughts on these topics because:

• some films rate high in all categories and we wanted to make extra certain to point THAT out (most awesome!);
• some films have very empowering messages that include no action (totally awesome too);
• some films have amazing action that include women in action, however those characters are not very visible (kinda sad, yet doable);
• some films have very empowering messages, but the visibility of the female characters leaves a bit to be desired (doable and sad);
• some films have lots of female driven action, but doesn’t rate high in empowering messages (not cool!) Small chance you’ll find anything like THAT here! 😀
…. you get the idea! 😀

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