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<a href="">100 Rifles</a>
A robber, a rebel and an ex-soldier take on the Mexican army.
<a href="">Action Movie Makers Handbook</a>
Legendary filmmaker Andy Armstrong creates the first complete instruction manual for designing, coordinating, and directing big budget action sequences.
<a href="">Aeon Flux</a>
Assassins in the future discover they have been lied to about their mission.
<a href="">Agent Carter</a>
Spy Agent Carter fights both human and inhuman foes just after WWII.
<a href="">Agents of Shield</a>
Agents protect the world from human and superhuman foes.
<a href="">Alias</a>
The life of a young spy learning who to trust and who not to.
<a href="">Alien</a>
An isolated crew on a spaceship far from anywhere discover they are not alone in the ship.
<a href="">Alien 3</a>
Ripley lands on a prison planet and brings the monsters with her.
<a href="">Alien: Resurrection</a>
Resurrected Ripley continues her battle against the aliens.
<a href="">Aliens</a>
A military team lands on Ripley's planet only to find an army of monsters waiting for them.
<a href="">Anaconda</a>
A monstrous snake chases a film crew in the remote jungle.
<a href="">Angel</a>
Angel battles demons both inside and out to help people in need.
<a href="">Angel of Death</a>
A deadly assassin takes on her former employers.
<a href="">Around the Pole</a>
A dancer’s troubled youth is both her challenge and source of inspiration.
<a href="">Arrow</a>
A playboy becomes a masked avenger to clean up the streets of his city.
<a href="">At Sword’s Point</a>
In 1648 France, it's the sons (and daughter) of the Three Musketeers to the rescue!
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