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Action Rating: 3 Arrows

Empowerment Rating: 5 Crowns

Visibility Rating: 3 Stars

Hoorah for Alien – the first blockbuster film with a Woman Action Hero lead!!! The quintessential… “woman kicks Alien ass”, film… Alien combines horror and science fiction in the most heart-pounding, creepy, suspenseful, and just plain “damn scary” way imaginable. An atmospheric masterpiece by Dan O’Bannon; Ridley Scott; Ronald Shusett: Jerry Goldsmith; H.R. Giger; a superb, seasoned cast; and the folks who created the awesome models/miniatures and stunning design and backdrop paintings. The brilliant casting of long-limbed, Bolaji Bodejo as the Alien, and “badass yet vulnerable”, Sigourney Weaver as heroic kickass, Ripley; plus all the aforementioned; helped create a true movie classic…a timeless hero for women to relate to… and a franchise of cool Alien films. Whoo Hoo!

Director: Ridley Scott
Instant Video:
Release Year: 1979
Series Info: Alien franchise
Genres: Horror Sci-Fi Thriller
Cast: Sigourney Weaver; Tom Skerritt; Veronica Cartwright; Harry Dean Stanton; John Hurt; Ian Holm; Yaphet Kotto