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Action Rating: 5 Arrows

Empowerment Rating: 5 Crowns

Visibility Rating: 5 Stars

An inspiring journey of one woman’s path to enlightenment, growth, self-awareness and command of personal power; as the Director of the first creative Pole Dance Studio discusses her rocky past and how she survived: an abusive childhood, stripping, substance abuse, motherhood at 16, and prison/rehab – and found the vision and strength of character to walk away from easy money and open her own business - elevating the pole dance from strip club to a method of holistic healing, fitness and dance performance that actually empowers women. WOOT WOOT! Cool music score, too.

This film plays in the "Facing the Challenge" block, which contains: Hoss, Around the Pole, House of Light, and Light at the Laundromat

Director: Zsuzsanna Mangu
Type of Film: Short
Price: $4.99 (48 hour rental)
Artemis HD Streaming:
Release Year: 2017
Series Info:
Country of Origin: USA
Genres: Documentary Drama Musical
DVD: Not Available
Cast: Shannon Gee, Lillian Gee, Ashley Nelson Tai Sammons, Merri Mosey