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Action Rating: 5 Arrows

Empowerment Rating: 5 Crowns

Visibility Rating: 5 Stars

An inspiring journey of one woman’s path to enlightenment, growth, self-awareness and command of personal power; as the Director of the first creative Pole Dance Studio discusses her rocky past and how she survived: an abusive childhood, stripping, substance abuse, motherhood at 16, and prison/rehab – and found the vision and strength of character to walk away from easy money and open her own business - elevating the pole dance from strip club to a method of holistic healing, fitness and dance performance that actually empowers women. WOOT WOOT! Cool music score, too.

Watch this film either singly, or in the "Facing the Challenge" block, which contains: Hoss, Around the Pole, House of Light, and Light at the Laundromat

Director: Zsuzsanna Mangu
Type of Film: Short
Price: $3.99 - shorts block; $1.99 - single short (48 hour rental)
HD Streaming – shorts block:
HD Streaming – single short:
Release Year: 2017
Series Info:
Country of Origin: USA
Genres: Documentary Drama Musical
DVD: Not Available
Cast: Shannon Gee, Lillian Gee, Ashley Nelson Tai Sammons, Merri Mosey