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Action Rating: 5 Arrows

Empowerment Rating: 5 Crowns

Visibility Rating: 5 Stars

Revenge is a heart torn asunder by clashing steel blades and served on hard cold ground with a side of bitter triumph.

Watch this film either singly, or in the “Tough Chicks” block, which contains the following films: Fresh Blood, Alyce Searches, Battlers, The Legend of Johnnie Swann, Fooled.

Director: Derek Barnes
Type of Film: Short
Price: $3.99 - shorts block; $.75 - single short (48 hour rental)
HD Streaming – shorts block:
HD Streaming – single short:
Release Year: 2016
Series Info:
Country of Origin: Canada
Genres: Action Martial Arts Thriller
DVD: Not Available
Cast: Siobhan Richardson, Andre Sills