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Action Rating: 5 Arrows

Empowerment Rating: 5 Crowns

Visibility Rating: 5 Stars

Slammin’ Seventies spin on swingin’ “Lady Dicks” who kick ass and crack cases while crackin’ wise among Bros, Hos, and Fros. Split screens and cool cinematography, great directing, awesome fight choreography, superior sound, snappy dialogue, top-notch acting, and a theme song that makes you laugh your ass off! Kind of like if Foxy Brown and Chris Cagney started a PI firm while smoking a lot of weed. Can you dig it?

Watch this film either singly, or in the “Women Warriors” block, which contains the films: Honor Song, Pintu, What It Takes, Blackwell Summers Mysteries, Women As Warriors.

Director: Emily Dell
Type of Film: Short
Price: $3.99 - shorts block; $1.49 - single short (48 hour rental)
HD Streaming – shorts block:
HD Streaming – single short:
Release Year: 2017
Series Info:
Country of Origin: USA
Genres: Action Mystery Thriller
DVD: Not Available
Cast: Raushanah Simmons, Rebecca Nyahay, Ryan Andes, Bruce Bundy, Emily Dell - director, Raushanah Simmons - writer