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Action Rating: 4 Arrows

Empowerment Rating: 5 Crowns

Visibility Rating: 3 Stars

Cocky Boy rescues Cocky Girl, who returns the favor as they both take down the Bad Guys with kickass moves and badass banter. Tied up but never down, smartass Emily backs up her ‘tude with lethal fight skills in this action romance. Excellent acting, great characters and clever, funny dialogue make this film a fun ride.

Watch this film either singly, or in the "Just for Kicks... and Laughs" block, which contains the following films; Tea Time, Combat Nuns, Part I and Part II, Compass Rose, Interloafer, The Rescue, Blind Date.

Director: Dennis Glasco
Type of Film: Short
Price: $3.99 - shorts block; $.99 - single short (48 hour rental)
HD Streaming – shorts block:
HD Streaming – single short:
Release Year: 2015
Series Info:
Country of Origin: USA
Genres: Action Comedy Thriller
DVD: Not Available
Cast: Jason Michael Fong; Rae Wright; Dennis Glasco; Matt Spencer; Tim Happ; Ron Brokenbrough