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If you’ve ever stared at the flickering flames of a fire and felt it’s embracing warmth while seeing visions of truth in the dancing tendrils - only the truths are about the strength, intelligence and creativity of you and your soul. Dare to seek your POWER!

INSTRUCTIONS: This video is designed to help women see themselves as a woman of personal and emotional power, breaking the social/cultural limitations associated with the female gender. Like all subliminal training videos, it should be used with headphones daily for a period of time, allowing the suggestions time to build a consistent pattern in the subconscious mind. Every effort has been made to make this video a pleasing and helpful experience. The visual patterns are designed to be interesting, colorful, and assist the process of Subliminal Training.

DISCLAIMER: MistairArts makes no definitive claims. You use the video at your own risk. The video is hypnotic. Do not watch it in any situation where your safety may be affected (i.e. driving, operating heavy equipment, etc.)

Artemis HD Video Download:
Formats Available: HD video desktop and mobile compatible
Creator: MistairArts
Release Year: 2018
Series Info:
Genres: Self Empowerment