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MS. JENNICA SCHWARTZMAN, Actress, Writer, Producer, Mother

Jennica Schwartzman, a member of The Producer’s Guild of America, loves tackling a project from idea to distribution. Jennica has been published in the Producer’s Guild Magazine “Produced By,” she is a guest writer on the acclaimed entertainment industry websites MsInTheBiz.com, FilmmakingStuff.com, & WomenandHollywood.com. Jennica has been asked to speak about her experience on the lauded podcasts “Inside Acting,” “Motherhood In Hollywood,” and “Big Birth Junkie.” She has been invited to speak on film festival panels, and is a teacher & workshop speaker for The International Family Film Festival’s Road Scholars intergenerational filmmaking camp. Some of Jennica’s most memorable articles are shared yearly in the indie filmmaking community: “Film Festival Series Part 3: How to Kill it in your QnA,” “How to Break it to your Parents that you’re an Indie-Work-At-Home-Parent-Filmmaker,” & “Why Can’t I Work on your Film for Free?” 

Her films have collected TOP awards from Bentonville Film Fest, Big Bear Lake Int’l Film Fest, Eureka Springs Indie Fest, Film Fest Twain Harte, Worldfest Houston, Fayetteville Film Festival, The Int’l Family Film Fest, & the highest honor from The Dove Foundation. Jennica and her husband/producing partner/writing partner…, Ryan, have 2 kiddos that seem very supportive but don’t quite understand what theirs parents do. 

It Doesn’t Get Easier

"Tips for when you’re a solo filmmaker and no one can make the decisions besides you" I’m an independent filmmaker. That means everything begins and ends with every single decision I make. You may be a solo show and you may be feeling the weight of the world. We all...

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Pregnancy PSA Part II: To My Fellow Pregnant Actors

“Part 2 of 2: Pregnancy in the entertainment industry PSA: Complete with a personal story of discrimination, how YOU can stop it, tips to navigate, and a KILLER resource guide and advocacy *ACTION PLAN* for those who need it in the meantime!
…Struggling to keep my health insurance, I detail how the current SAG health insurance plan fails to understand how pregnancy and the film industry do not mix. I give first-hand accounts of why there is a problem AND explain how job creators can make a difference. Top artistic industry professionals have the most important role in all of this- to create more space on screen for the procreating woman. “

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Pregnancy PSA Part I: To My Fellow Film Industry Job Creators

“I’m an actor, producer, and writer. Also a wife and mother. And I earn our household health insurance plan through my SAG/AFTRA acting work. And I am very pregnant. And that has become a problem….Many mommas have reached out to me about this problem. But not just Moms, remember that I am the base earnings insurance breadwinner for my household- that includes my children. Yes, my kids & husband stand to lose their insurance too!”

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