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Pregnancy PSA Part II: To My Fellow Pregnant Actors

“Part 2 of 2: Pregnancy in the entertainment industry PSA: Complete with a personal story of discrimination, how YOU can stop it, tips to navigate, and a KILLER resource guide and advocacy *ACTION PLAN* for those who need it in the meantime!
…Struggling to keep my health insurance, I detail how the current SAG health insurance plan fails to understand how pregnancy and the film industry do not mix. I give first-hand accounts of why there is a problem AND explain how job creators can make a difference. Top artistic industry professionals have the most important role in all of this- to create more space on screen for the procreating woman. “

Pregnancy PSA Part I: To My Fellow Film Industry Job Creators

“I’m an actor, producer, and writer. Also a wife and mother. And I earn our household health insurance plan through my SAG/AFTRA acting work. And I am very pregnant. And that has become a problem….Many mommas have reached out to me about this problem. But not just Moms, remember that I am the base earnings insurance breadwinner for my household- that includes my children. Yes, my kids & husband stand to lose their insurance too!”